Sunday, 5 May 2013

What not to wear

It is never too late to be wise.

It's Summer…believe it or not. It is Summer. Reality hurts like hell. Especially when you look at the calendar,  you look out the window, back at the calendar, the window….I remain optimistic. So what to wear during what technically is summer?

The usual attire of the over zealous Irish person; flip-flops in the rain, white linen trousers with mud spatters, skinny strapped tops in gale force winds. This is where summer knitting takes precedence. I don’t buy into knitted/ crocheted bikinis nor do I make them. I have heard the horror stories of the ill advised. You were hoping to do a take on Halle Berry emerging out of the water like a Sea Goddess, but what you got was the old nag at the garden party in Bridget Jones Diary. When yarn gets wet, it gets heavy. A far more stylish option would be to cover up! Now, I’m not grey yet and I don’t mean wearing a tartan blanket over your legs while lying on the beach. No, I mean, soft, delicate cardis, boleros, even Beanies. That’s a hat, by the way. Summer = festivals, surf, cycling and general outdoor activity. What looks cuter than a strappy top worn with a woolly hat. Or a slippy dress under a Kate Middelton style ‘little fluffy cardi’. Sorry girls, but my advice, keep your knitting out of the water. 

Crocheted Summer Hat

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