Sunday, 6 January 2013

Them Indoors

Families are like fudge – mostly sweet with a few nuts.
-Author Unknown

When I embarked on the fuzzy road of knitting, way back when, it wasn’t nature that took over, but my mum. She, just being short of an unknown Sonia Rykiel in her day, successfully created a gorgeous ¾ length, intarsia hand knitted coat, a two piece, hoodie and matching mini, (which was well worn throughout our teens), and an array of sweaters that any fashion blogger would have given both their arms for. My mum was and still is a talented knitter. I was one of the lucky ones. The best way to learn and further enhance your knitting experiences is to pass them on.

Bag knitted from fabric
Nothing gets the nectar flowing like talking about what you love to someone who will listen. Enthusiasm is contagious. When you feel a failure because your needles haven’t yet made up with your wool, don’t worry. Get yourself the must have knitting accessory: a protégée. I would recommend children for this role. They are plentiful and can usually be beguiled with the promise of treats. Knitted treats of course. Create fun in your knitting by introducing non-wool textiles, trying out new ideas and designs. Shredded plastic bags, cloth, suede, newspaper, soft wire, cord; ribbon can all be knit with and can be incorporated with beads, buttons and oddments. 

Half the fun is searching for goodies to incorporate into your knitting stash. Start by de-cluttering your house, your neighbour’s house (ask first!), the local charity shop and the newsagents. Old newspapers can be spun into yarn as shown here Spinning Paper

What did the Childcraft Books ever do for us? Our parents knew what they were doing when they saw Volume 6 displaying images of smiling children using brown paper bags and toilet tubes to wile away a wet weekend. Recycling was old hat in our home. We wanted to clean out the house! It was just short of taking a ladder and removing the roof tiles for one of our Coby-Holes.

Fan the flames of your creativity. Expect laughter, jibes and mocking for your efforts, if your family, are anything like mine. Take note: knitters develop tough skins and not just on their fingers. With regards to who is the nutty one in my family…? I like to think we all are. It’s more diplomatic that way and ensures I might get invited home for another Christmas.

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