Monday, 16 December 2013

I'm having a Murray moment...

My life has a superb cast, but I cannot figure out the plot.

Finally, I have watched the complete 2 seasons of Flight of the Conchords. Take it for granted I’m a bit slow on catching up with modern media. Needless to say, I loved every daft moment of it.  I especially liked Murray. 

The thought often occurred, could I put up with such a man in real life. All his humour and daftness would be lost in the abyss of his self assurance. Bless his brown suits. Murray brought a little joy to media. I particularly liked the scenes between my beloved Murray and the New Zealand Prime Minister, Brian. We are introduced to Brian, sound asleep, while sitting in Murray’s office, while Murray takes photos of his idolized leader. Poor Brian was jet lagged from his trip to the US and woke in a startle asking “Is it yesterday?” Murray dutifully answers “No. It’s today.” 

That conversation kind of sums up my life. Well currently at least. I really am not sure what day of the week it is or what week it actually is. I’m pretty sure we are approaching some major holiday or at worst it’s Armageddon. The world has gone mad. Supermarket trolleys bend under the weight of excess food and drink, rolls of luxury wrapping paper threaten the survival of forests and the rise in sales of woolly jumpers hits an all time high. Do people not know what a mild winter means? It’s all fantastic and festive in its own right, well what else are we supposed to do with the arse-end of the year?

Currently on planet Alpaca, it’s a rush from one craft fair to the next, to meeting with dear friends whom ‘….haven’t seen you in ageeeessss!’ back to Christmas Craft Pop-Up Shop to (sure) pop down for one. I’m rattled, excited, exhausted, giddy & completely confused. 
Is it yesterday? No. I think it’s tomorrow! Oh balls! 

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  1. Roll on 2014 and more quirky enjoyable posts from Fairylawn.