Sunday, 5 January 2014

Much Loved

Progress is man's ability to complicate simplicity.

Changes… seasons, hair styles, books. January despite being the first month of the new year has been labeled the month of new beginnings. However, September is the month, people are most likely bring about positive change in their lives. September is the month of new beginnings. January seems the obvious choice but then again, by the end of the month, the money is all gone, the weight has stuck with you and your dream of giving up the day job to follow ‘the book within me’ is eye turning upwards, inducing.

There are some positives to January, however. Well, my birthday falls on the 30th making me one year older. Ugh! Okay, there is plenty of fresh air blowing what with these storms brewing. Oh! The micro economy of the healthy living industry will have a mini boom due to last until, at least, the first week of February. Mmm….So far, not so good.

Wait! Just heard through the grapevine, there is a Teddy Bear Exhibition showing in Dublin. January has its bonuses too…a great month to reminisce and therefore, enable us to look forward positively. The beloved soft toy has been praised and respected for decades but more recently has been allocated the much deserved limelight due to the photography of Mark Nixon. 

Much Loved

Nixon’s book had been well publicized pre-Christmas. Soft toys are for life as illustrated so beautifully in this special book. Teddies and soft toys stay with us. Physically they change over time just as humans do and therefore, the emotional attachment remains strong as they grow old with you. Contributors to the book, admitted openly that they shared their secrets with their beloved toys, brought them on their honeymoon and that they still remained as important in these peoples lives as they did when they were children.  Mechanical and plastic toys will never harbour the same comfort and affection as a soft toy. Something to consider.

You may also be interested in the YouTube video for All the Broken Toys at Christmas by Batteries Not Included, quiet obviously, a parody.

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